Wave Point Consulting is a bespoke management consulting practice that helps organizations thrive by surmounting the obstacles of moving goods and people to market. If you require a combination of creative solutions, routes and transport modes then it is a job for our team. As multimodal transport experts, Wave Point Consulting takes pride in our “integrated solutions approach” to achieve enhanced freight and mobility outcomes.


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Wave Point Consulting uses our independent research findings, subject matter expertise and partnership network to constantly analyse and interpret freight shipping market and policy developments for clients. As a result, we are a sought after provider of multimodal transport and trade development intelligence and advisory services to small cap firms and mid market businesses.

Our blog Shipping Matters is your chance to see what Wave Point Consulting team members think and ask them questions about how the latest developments are impacting global supply chains and your industry. Explore the discussion, tap into our resources and share what is on your mind. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Featured Posts

  • Featured Posts

    Canadian Coast Guard Gets a Line on Pacific Coast Marine Traffic
    Canadian Coast Guard Gets a Line on Pacific Coast Marine Traffic

    Pacific coast marine traffic is increasing as Canada relies heavily on a competitive international shipping industry to transport its trade with countries other than the United States. In response to increasing Pacific coast marine traffic significant current work by the the CCG in regards to marine emergency response and environmental protection is about to take place. […]

  • Surface Transportation Annual Review 2015
    Surface Transportation Annual Review 2015

    BC Shipping News has teamed up with Wave Point Consulting to undertake the second Surface Transportation Annual Review (STA) Survey. The survey provides vital information on what industry insiders are thinking about the business outlook for maritime commerce and the performance of Canada’s Asia Pacific Gateway and British Columbia’s ports. The STAR survey, which takes about 15 minutes to complete is grouped into three main topics: […]

  • Canada Transportation Act Review 2014
    intermodal freight shipping

    On June 25, 2014 the federal Transport Minister launched a review of the transportation economic rand associated regulations in Canada. The review provides a once in a decade opportunity to consider how the national transportation system can best be leveraged to support Canada’s continuing economic growth. The last Canada Transportation Act Review (CTAR) occurred in 2001 and many things have changed since then. […]