Project Management for Harbour Authorities

The Harbour Authority Association of British Columbia (HAABC) provides a proactive assistance to its members. They engaged the services of Wave Point Consulting to provide a training session on project management.

There are many different frameworks and methodologies for project management that could be applied to a Harbour Authority’s situation. What is required is a useful and practical approach that meets the needs of both directors and staff.  Darryl Anderson, Managing Director of Wave Point Consulting, provided session participants with the necessary project management steps. The learning emphasis was identifying where and when folks with operational responsibilities could best use their insights and local knowledge to complement the work of experts or professionals.

The project management Harbour Authorities training session can be downloaded here. It included the following important topics:

– The types of projects that require management,

– Project quality management,

– Assessing & managing project risk.

After completing the project management training session Harbour Authority directors and managers were in a better position to:

– Better manage their projects, from planning and team building to quality and cost management,

– Become stronger more effective communicators,

– Connect and network with other Harbour Authority representatives involved in project management.

The Harbour Authority Association of B.C. was established in 1997 to create a unique opportunity for Harbour Authority managers, directors and Associate harbours and businesses in the marine industry to exchange information through ongoing networking, information sharing, workshops, and annual conferences.  The Harbour Authority Association of British Columbia’s mandate is: “To establish effective communication between HA’s through information exchange, networking, and education.”