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The Wave Point Consulting transportation infrastructure development consulting practice area helps developers reduce project risk and the time to market for multi-modal infrastructure investments or improvements. Time is a currency that matters. Delays in obtaining regulatory approvals can result in significantly increased costs, or a competitor securing a stronger position in the marketplace. We apply best practices and in-depth knowledge of the policies and regulations to transportation-related land use solutions. Examining the context and necessary linkages between transport modes and the surrounding community, target markets, ensures that the factors affecting the highest and best use of property and project viability are incorporated into business strategies.

For manufacturers and distributors determining the size and location of distribution facilities or the need for logistics infrastructure is paramount. To overcome these challenges, and realize the market opportunities our team members assist clients with:

  • Analytical support for projects, new business opportunities, and proposals,
  • Demand scenario analysis,
  • Developing concepts for logistics infrastructure to maximize utilization, productivity, and safety,
  • Identifying and evaluating the potential benefits of various logistics and transport solutions,
  • Functional and facilities planning,
  • Logistics infrastructure land use studies,
  • Regulatory strategies,
  • Site selection and market access evaluation,
  • Socio-economic impact assessments,
  • Transportation master planning assignments.

For companies to be successful, making the best multi-modal transportation and industrial real estate infrastructure investment decision is crucial. Our aim is to help small-cap firms, mid-market businesses, and governments make the right choices for their organization to reduce risk and time to market. The typical executive sponsors of the logistics infrastructure development clients we work with are Infrastructure Owners, Developers, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President Supply Chain, Director of Distribution, Business Development Executives, Director of Planning and Development Services, Senior Planners, and Economic Development Officers.

See our Blog Shipping Matters for analysis and discussion of logistics, transportation, and distribution issues that may be driving changes in your sector. Review our case study summaries for examples of how we have helped clients with infrastructure development strategy in your industry. Contact us for an initial consultation of your infrastructure development consulting needs.

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