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The Wave Point Consulting business development practice is focused on helping firms develop strategies to maximize the value of their business by enhancing performance that leads to increased revenue. Sustained, performance requires focus and leadership on the core business. Research indicates that 70% of CEOs cited a lack of management focus as the prime reason for a lack of sustained growth. For companies to be successful, it is necessary to make an informed forward-looking decision and then take action to address particular challenges or opportunities. Shifting economic and competitive conditions and changing customer requirements are constant pressures shaping and refining your core business needs. Corporate, or business unit, revenue growth depends on a robust assessment of emerging trends, sources of competitive strength and the creation of a set of goals and actionable tactics that can be embraced and communicated across the entire organization. Wave Point Consulting can improve and sustain organizational performance providing the following solutions:

  • Business Development,
  • Business Restructuring,
  • Coaching,
  • Commercialization Initiatives,
  • Competitive Analysis,
  • Corporate Strategy,
  • Financial/Economic Analysis,
  • Market Analysis,
  • Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence.

Wave Point Consulting’s aim is to help small-cap firms, mid-market businesses, and governments make the right choices to enhance the performance of their organization. The typical executive sponsors of the strategy consulting clients we work with are the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, Director General, National Director, Executive Director, Director Community Economic Development, or Manager of Advancement.

See our Blog Shipping Matters for analysis and discussion of logistics, transportation, and distribution issues that may be driving changes in your sector. Review our case study summaries for examples of how we have helped clients with business development strategy in your industry. Contact us for an initial consultation.

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