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The Wave Point Consulting international trade and development practice is focused on helping firms grow their business by overcoming market intelligence obstacles needed for sustained revenue growth. In a fast changing world, small or medium-sized importers and exporters face financial, networking, logistics and transportation knowledge challenges when pursuing business and international trade opportunities. For exporters, importers, or governments involved in global trade, making informed and timely decisions, responding quickly to commercial and economic trends and establishing sales channel and supply chain priorities is vital.

Getting new products to market is one of the most complicated steps in business development. Entrepreneurship and innovation are insufficient to ensure success when selling your products into transportation markets. New and established firms need to determine to whom, when, where and how they will introduce their products into the market. Successful commercialization initiatives benefit from industry professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the relevant markets. Focusing attention on the right issues and business processes will help create the highest probability of success.

Wave Point Consulting can help you with the heavy lifting of trade development:

  • Business Development,
  • Commercialization Initiatives,
  • Cruise Tourism Development,
  • Feasibility Assessments,
  • Freight and Goods Movement Studies,
  • International Trade Flow and Route Analysis,
  • Market Entry and Diversification Strategy,
  • Market Intelligence Research,
  • Trade Policy Development and Monitoring.

Wave Point Consulting’s aim is to help small-cap firms, mid-market businesses, and government clients obtain and use the right information to increase the market share of their export and import goods and commodities. The typical executive sponsors of the trade development consulting clients we work with are the Chief Executive Officer, Vice President, Trade Development & Public Affairs, Director Trade Development, Executive Director of Industry Associations, and Senior Director responsible for the supply chain.

See our Blog Shipping Matters for analysis and discussion of logistics, transportation, and distribution issues that may be driving changes in your sector. Review our case study summaries for examples of how we have helped clients with business development strategy in your industry. Contact us for an initial consultation.

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