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The Wave Point Consulting multi-modal freight transportation, logistics and distribution consulting practice are focused on helping firms and governments reach their economic goals by proactively adapting to shifting global trade patterns, changing customer requirements, and sustainability expectations. In the freight sector uncertainty is a major factor facing shippers that rely on their surface transport providers. Rapid change in currency values, capital market outlook, volatility in freight markets, fuel and commodity prices, increases in vessel size, technology, and new environmental initiatives are all having a dramatic impact. In the current bulk and container supply chain management environment, logistics, and transport customers need solutions to address service quality and reliability problems.

As multi-modal transport experts, we help port authorities, importers, exports, carriers and terminal operators and governments at all levels take informed actions to address the commercial or policy impacts of these changes, improve operational performance, or make the best infrastructure investment decisions. Team members with deep industry experience deliver well researched, expertly considered intelligence and advice through the provision of the following solutions:

  • Bulk Freight and Containerized Goods Movement Analysis and Market Intelligence,
  • Business Cases,
  • Feasibility Assessments,
  • Shipping and Transportation Environmental Regulatory Policy,
  • Supply Chain Analysis for Bulk, Break-bulk, and Containerized Cargo,
  • Transportation Master Planning,
  • Transportation Economic and Socioeconomic Studies.

For companies to be successful, making the best freight shipping and passenger transportation decisions is crucial. Our aim is to help small-cap firms, mid-market businesses and governments make the right multi-modal transport choices for their organization to improve efficiency. The typical executive sponsors of the transportation consulting clients we work with are Chief Administrative Officers, Executive Directors, Directors of Transportation, Directors of Strategic Planning, Director of Environmental Services, Innovation and Technology Managers, Economic Development Officers, Regional Growth Strategy Coordinators, Economic Analysis and Policy Managers.

See our Blog Shipping Matters for analysis and discussion of logistics, transportation, and distribution issues that may be driving changes in your sector. Review our case study summaries for examples of how we have helped clients with business development strategy in your industry. Contact us for an initial consultation.

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